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How to Install a Laminate Closet Organizer - Do It Yourself

If you open that closet door, and things are falling to the floor, or if you open that closet door and canít seem to find anything in there that you were looking for without having to move five other things, you need a closet organizer. A closet organizer is going to make your closet seem bigger, because you are then putting things away in a more organized manner. You are putting things away in a way that is in a manner of how you use them.

The organized closet
The closet that is organized will stay that way if you continually put things back where they belong. A closet with just a shelf is going to be able to hold just so many things, but if you add boxes, and more shelving, and you add racks and hangers, you are going to be able to put so much more in that space. The closet organizer is going to allow you to put more in the closet, but still be able to find all those things at the same time.

On the top of the closet
On the very top of the closet is where the items will go that you donít use that often. The items for winter, or the items for summer, the items you use only when you go out on vacation perhaps.

The clothes you wear the most
The jackets and clothes you wear often will be kept in the center of the closet where you can see them easily. The clothes you wear only occasionally, such as when you go skiing or roller blading or to the horseback riding trails will go in the back of the closet. You know you have them, you can find them easily but they are out of your way. You can find what you need and when you need it.

Hooks and racks. Additional hooks and racks are used to put special things in the closet such as ties, belts, kites, skates and so much more can be hung from pegs like those. You can create hanging hooks or you can leave them out of your organized space.

An organized closet is well prepared
To start organizing any closet space you need to sit down with a paper and pencil. You will draw out what you have in the closet now, and then erase and change as you see what you have in the closet already needs to be changed to fit. For example, if you need to store a few chairs in that closet, you should make a space on the one side for folding chairs to hide nicely in the closet.

If you need four racks for shoes, you can put all the shoes going up the wall, or you can have them all stacked at the bottom of the closet. The choices are yours, but be sure to plan out your needs, and the rest will flow easily as you head off to the store to purchase what you need.

what are some things i can make with a box?

i have many boxes laying around. what are some fun things i make outtta them? i've already made a planter, a closet organizer, and a funny lil cardboard robot.


Since you ask for it here it is:

Drawers, jewerly boxes, organizers, tents, doll houses, Real houses ( yes- they did that a while ago) desks, beds, Book shelves,Cd holders,Carosel horses- (Merry go round) braclets, car ramps. stencils, art easels, tote bags,bookcovers,journals, chairs, sofas, tables, wall covering , music instruments, cardboard flowers, planting pots, Kithen caddys. ,baskets, A child play house, Pop bottle carriers, envolope pattern, pattern for crafts ,photo alblems, castles, dishes, scale models of things Rocking horse, dart board. Did I forget any thing?

Here are some books that might interest you:

The Cardboard Box Book: 25 Things to Make and Do with and Empty Box
by Danny Walsh, Jake Walsh, Niall Walshe, Josh Halloran (Illustrator), Martin Norris (Photographer)

Recycled Crafts Box: Sock Puppets, Cardboard Castles, Bottle Bugs and 37 More Earth-Friendly Projects and Activities You Can Create
by Laura C. Martin

Playhouses You Can Build: Indoor & Backyard Designs
by David R. Stiles, Jeanie Stiles, Jeanie Stiles, Jeanie Stiles

Glue & Go Costumes for Kids: Super-Duper Designs with Everyday Materials
by Holly Cleeland, Larry Lytle (Photographer), Larry Lytle (Photographer

Candy Containers for Collectors
by Debra S. Braun

Cool Cardboard Instruments to Make and Play
by Dennis Waring

Paper (Materials Series)
by Sara Louise Kras, Audrey Zink-Sharp

Cardboard Boxes
by Nikki Conner, Sarah-Jane Neaves (Illustrator)

Vintage Paper Crafts
by Anna Corba

Easy-to-Make Cardboard Box Craft Projects
by Robert Tomb

365 More Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials
by Judy Breckenridge, Muriel Mandell, Louis V. Loeschnig, Anthony D. Fredericks, Frances Zweifel (Illustrator)

Art from Packaging: With Projects Using Cardboard, Plastics, Foil, and Tape
by Gillian Chapman, Pam Robson

Creative Cardboard: Making Fabulous Furniture, Amazing Accessories & Other Spectacular Stuff
by Linda Ragsdale

Hope this helps

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